Is coffee good for your health?

You would say just after the title that this article is not worth reading. These guys are selling coffee. What else are they going to say but that it cures everything, makes you a genius and even improves your car’s fuel consumption. They won’t say that it walks your dog because it would be too much.

Just like you, we don't like delusions or exaggerations, so we've resorted to an article written by Canadian pharmacist Scott Gavura. The link has also very interesting scientific information on other medical topics.

As Gavura stated, in addition to caffeine, coffee has more than 1000 other biologically active compounds. Of course, there is still a study that identifies the effect of each one of them, but at least several of these chemicals have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic (which inhibit the formation of tissue scars) and even anti-cancer properties. The detailed results can be seen and interpreted in the above link. In summary, the study shows:

The most beneficial effect seems to be for liver problems, including liver cancer. However, before you go out to drink gallons of coffee, take in consideration Gavura’s comment: “It’s worth reiterating that given the associations are from observational studies, they cannot prove cause and effect. It’s also worth noting that the effects are reported as relative risks, not absolute. And overall, those relative effects are small”.

The biggest benefits were found in those who drank 3 cups of coffee per day. This effect was also observed for cardiovascular diseases, where coffee lovers have a 19% lower risk than those who don't drink it. In addition, it has a marginally beneficial effect on blood pressure. Taking more than 3 cups of coffee a day offered no additional benefit, so although we would love to increase sales, we don't recommend it. We also do not recommend having coffee if you are pregnant since coffee can have detrimental effects. As an anecdote, we can tell that we know women that during their pregnancy could not even smell it. Nature warned them that it was not appropriate for her pregnancy. A few weeks after childbirth they liked coffee again, but ultimately, we prefer a healthy and happy future mother and wait nine months before she takes her next coffee.

The result of the studies is that coffee is a beverage whose consumption is usually safe and may even be beneficial to your health, but it is not recommended during pregnancy. What we positively advocate is that you should try a good coffee and the different varieties you will find in the market, and very especially do not stop trying our Frontino Coffee.

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